Lesson 16: Supervised Release From White Collar

Course Description:

Defendants should prepare for supervised release from white collar long before they come to the end of their term. With current sentencing practices, judges don’t only sentence individuals to prison. They impose ancillary sanctions that frequently include supervised release. The term of supervised release generally spans from one to five years. Defendants who anticipate prison should educate themselves about what it means to face supervised release from white collar. The more they know, the more effectively they can position themselves for early termination of supervised release.

When a judge imposes a term of supervised release as part of the sanction, the defendant must first complete his obligation to the Bureau of Prisons. Then, within 72 hours, the defendant must present himself to federal probation. The probation officer will establish a plan for supervision. The defendant should understand how that “plan” will influence his career choice, his family life, and his prospects for success.

Obviously, an individual can choose not to prepare. Yet that course of action rarely results in success. No one lucks their way into an early termination from supervised release. Our clients that succeed in getting off supervised release early beginning preparing at the very beginning, before even surrendering to prison.

If you’d like to position yourself for early termination of supervised release, then you may want to enroll in our The Blueprint Program that White Collar Advice offers.


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