Preparation Meets Opportunity: Your Guide to a Productive Prison Experience and Early Release

Learn how proper preparation can help you avoid common pitfalls in prison and set you on a path toward early release and more liberty on supervised release.

The famous basketball coach Bobby Knight told us that everyone had the will to win, but not everyone had the will to prepare to win.

After a sentencing, you will want the same thing as every other person who has been sentenced:

  • You will want your liberty back at the soonest possible time.
  • You will want to serve your sentence in the best circumstances.
  • You will want to resume your career as a successful, law-abiding citizen.

But what will differentiate you from everyone else?

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If you don’t know the answer to the question above, we can help.

Remember that a sentencing judge will consider you during a snapshot in time. He will consider your life through the day of sentencing. Although a defense attorney may consider the case over at sentencing, the ordeal will go on for the person who must serve the sanction.

Learn new strategies that will empower you to get through the challenges with your dignity intact, and with opportunities to prosper again–at the soonest possible time.

No one can change the past, but those who know how to prepare will get better outcomes than those who wait for calendar pages to turn.

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