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"We have one focus: Helping you get the highest level of liberty, at the soonest time." Justin Paperny

How We Get Results

Before Sentencing

Build mitigation strategies to help your judge understand why you're a worthy candidate for leniency. Prepare early to work toward the best outcomes. Our team can help.

After Sentencing

Advance your candidacy for administrative or judicial relief after your judge imposes the initial sentence. Qualify for programs that bring you home early.

Administrative Relief

Develop an understanding of the Bureau of Prisons. Learn how to qualify for the earliest possible release. Get templates and guidance to help you at every stage ahead.

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Free Video Training Reveals Benefits of Self Advocacy Through Sentencing and Prison

Our Products

Government Investigations

Bigger government agencies likely mean more investigations. More investigations mean more criminal charges. Learn how to prepare for the best possible outcome.

Sentencing Preparation

What does a judge want to consider at sentencing? If you don't know how to answer that question, then it's time to learn. Sentencing requires preparation. Start now!

Character Reference Letters

Many people want to help you. They know that you don't belong in prison. Yet they don;t know how to write a character-reference letter. Get help for best results!

Release Plans

The lawyer may move on after sentencing, but you cannot. You must build a strategy to position yourself for administrative relief. Start building a release plan.

Post Conviction Remedies

Many complexities follow for people going into the criminal justice system. Most people will not have a lawyer to help them. Learn strategies to help yourself.

Mitigation Strategies

Start a campaign to qualify for early release. If you don't know how to develop resources to qualify you for leniency, start learning and building your strategy.

You know you have to prepare, but don’t know where to start? Call us NOW at 949-308-5549 or CLICK HERE to schedule a call with one of our mitigation experts.

Want A Shorter Sentence? Our New York Times Profile Reveals How.

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Testimonials and Reviews…

Through White Collar Advice, we learned invaluable information substantially reducing anxiety and preparing us as well as possible for an uninvited experience. They continue to assist without hesitation and answer our questions. The only regret I hear many say is that we did not know about them earlier.

Donald Carper

I served ten months in the camp and seven months in home confinement. Your lawyers are experts in pretrial matters, but they are not familiar with the ins and outs of the system after that. Many "advisors" are out there, but I found Justin and his group the most legitimate and accurate.

Dusko Bruer

One of the best decisions I made was hiring the team at White Collar Advice. Their team helped guide me through the entire pre- and post-sentencing process. They helped me reduce my time at the federal camp and successfully guided me through the halfway house process. This is the support network you need, and you won’t regret it.

Ryan Weckerly

Scott Laney at White Collar Advice has been a superb guide through many difficult areas of the pre-surrender process. He, along with his colleagues Michael Santos and Justin Paperny, have been extraordinarily helpful in crafting and editing my release plan. No question that a release plan is critical to earning freedom as soon as possible.

Scott Allinson

Highly, highly recommended. I have worked with White Collar Advice since the pre-charge (investigation) phase. The Sooner you start, the sooner you can advocate for a possible better plea deal and sentencing. Lawyers CANNOT be your only tool. Simple. Start with the webinars, connect with their team, and go from there.

Ritchie Steir

White Collar Advice helped my brother not only realize the error of his ways but effectively reduced his sentence from 41 months (which could have been much more) to just over one year of time served. They helped him utilize the programs available in the system to seriously better his life and his chances of never offending again. Thank you, White Collar Advice!

Derek Vegas