Case Study: Ovais Mayet



Ovais Mayet overcame extraordinary hardship and trauma while growing up in a turbulent household. He took excellent care of his severely autistic older brother, even in difficult times. After his father left, Ovais worked multiple jobs to support his mother while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences. Ovais enjoyed success as a Quality Control Manager and Senior Associate Scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. Then, during a period of financial distress, Ovais used his employer’s account to make unauthorized online purchases for personal gain. Ovais pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in February of 2021.

Case Study

Ovais had never even gotten a speeding ticket. So, he felt overwhelmed when he received a target letter from federal law enforcement. A few weeks later, Ovais discovered Justin Paperny’s videos on YouTube. “I liked his material,” said Ovais, “Justin didn’t sugarcoat anything. I liked that he went through the system himself. I felt like Justin’s team would understand me—not like some lawyer who’s just going through the motions.”

Ovais worked with Brad Rouse to generate a draft personal narrative: “Some of my story was painful to tell, but it had to be done. Talking to Brad reassured me and gave me peace of mind. At the time, I did not have the mindset to do this on my own. The narrative turned out very well. It said all the things I wanted to say.”

In the pharmaceutical industry, Ovais had earned an excellent reputation for meticulous compliance with regulations and procedures. Brad helped several of Ovais’s former co-workers draft character reference letters to the judge. These letters showed Ovais from multiple viewpoints as a colleague, friend, husband, and son. “I was definitely happy with the letters. They let me share more about my life with the judge.”


Ovais’s case moved quickly for a federal case. His sentencing hearing occurred only nine months after he received his target letter. Justin helped Ovais prepare for his pre-sentence interview. Later, Ovais collaborated with Justin’s team on his sentencing statement to the judge. “I felt well-prepared to speak to the judge and I’m glad I did. Justin’s team took some of the stress away and put me in a better frame of mind,” said Ovais. 

The wire fraud charge to which Ovais pleaded guilty carries a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison. Ovais’s lawyer initially told him to expect a sentence of 24-36 months. Thankfully, the judge showed mercy and handed down a sentence of only seven months to Ovais. After the hearing, the prosecutor spoke respectfully to Ovais and wished him well. 


Personal distress never justifies violating federal law. Ovais accepted full responsibility for his bad decisions and will serve his sentence with humility. He also used this opportunity to get mental health treatment and trauma therapy. Ovais’s weekly therapy sessions have helped him achieve a level of peace that he’s never felt before. “Before my case, I wasn’t too happy talking to strangers about my problems. Now I know that I’m moving forward in the right way. I survived a federal prosecution. Everything in life will be easy after this.”

Recently, Ovais started a new career as a freelance caregiver for autistic young adults. He discovered that his family experience prepared him to work with special needs individuals and their parents. One client’s family sponsored Ovais’s initial training as a Registered Behavioral Technician through the BrainBuilders Autism Therapy Services. Ovais is currently completing advanced courses to become an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist with specialized training in CPI (Crisis, Prevention, and Intervention). 

“I would definitely recommend hiring Justin’s team. They were very responsive and professional. Justin’s team didn’t judge me. They could relate to me and understand my situation. I never thought I could feel so optimistic at this point, but I do.”