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Let Us Take The Confusion and Headache

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Preparing for Federal Sentencing 

Our 6 Sentencing Narrative Templates will teach you how to:
  • Truly identify with your victims
  • Express your remorse
  • Show what you learned from this experience
  • Show what steps you are taking to make things right
  • Offer actionable, thoughtful plan that shows how you will emerge successfully
  • Help your readers understand and empathize with you as an individual, rather than as a criminal
  • Bonus: Two 45-minute training calls with Justin Paperny to guide you on your narrative
  • Additional bonus: Examples and templates on how to collect best in class character reference letters

Federal Prison Training Program

The Blueprint Training Program features a series of online courses that includes:
  • Private Coaching to keep you on track and moving forward.
  • Easy to follow lesson plans on every aspect of the Federal Prison System.
  • Exclusive, never before published "How To" videos covering RDAP, Restitution, Prison Life, Growing a Business In Prison and More.
  • Monthly webinars to get your most burning questions answered.
  • Sentencing tool that helps you pick your prison and get up to an extra 6 days off your prison term.
  • Easy to follow case studies that show new ways to implement the strategies we teach.
  • And much, much more!



Prison Consultant Testimonials

Justin’s mentoring, tutelage and extensive lesson plans prepared me to succeed in prison by meeting the challenge with a positive, humbling perspective and survivor’s drive.
John Sims

United States Air Force officer and former Special Operations Commander (retired)

I’m a criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years’ experience. We were referred to Justin by a client of ours. I’m naturally suspicious of such advisors, given my background and past experience, but we were so impressed with the sage advice and solid institutional contacts that Justin’s team provided that we hired him in another recent white-collar case. Our firm is thrilled to have an ethical prison consultant with boots on the ground in each institution that we envision hiring him as much as possible in the future. We unreservedly endorse Justin and his team.
Nicholas Kaizer, Esq

White Collar Defense Attorney, New York

Retaining Justin has been one of the best decisions I have made. Justin has given me two incredibly important things: peace of mind and a plan. Before I retained Justin, fear and panic were two emotions I felt frequently. After a few sessions with Justin, fear and panic were replaced with knowledge and confidence. Knowing what to expect made all the difference in the world. Most importantly though, Justin helped me put together a plan that will allow me to thrive and grow while I serve my sentence.
David Applegate

Is learning what strategies and ideas defendants use to succeed worth 15 minutes to you?

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