Learn The Secrets to a Shorter Sentence, Early Release, and More Liberty On Probation 

ALL for Just $1!

“Successful defendants do not wish or hope for the best outcome—they invest the time every day to prepare”

– Justin Paperny

Are you or a loved one facing the complexities of a government investigation, sentencing, or post-conviction challenges? Our six-course bundle offers proven strategies to achieve a shorter prison sentence, secure early release, and gain greater liberty on probation—all for just $1.

Navigating the criminal justice system is overwhelming, with high stakes and life-changing consequences. Without the right guidance and planning, you risk a longer sentence, more time in prison, and lasting collateral consequences after release. 🎯🔓

👋 Hi, I’m Justin Paperny, founder of White Collar Advice! 👋

After discovering I was the target of a government investigation, I kept making bad choices. I didn’t know how to work with a lawyer, and I had no idea how to improve my outcome. This poor planning resulted in a longer prison term and more pain for my family. If you’re reading this and want a different outcome, we can help you—but it requires work.


🎓 Here’s What You’ll Gain from Our Six-Course Bundle: 🎓

Mastering Government Investigations 🔍

Strategies to navigate the process and shorten your sentence.

Ace Your Probation Interview 🎤

Learn how influencing your probation officer leads to shorter prison terms.

RDAP Success 🏆

Reduce your prison term by up to 12 months.

Character Letters That Help, Rather Than Hurt ✉️

Access video instruction, guidelines, and 10+ sample letters to influence sentencing judges.

Master Your Release Plan 📄

Learn how to document your journey to influence government stakeholders.

Post-Conviction Success 🌟

Learn how to become extraordinary and compelling in the age of the First Step Act.

📚 Our courses help you create timelines that demonstrate your growth and commitment to rehabilitation, influencing judges, case managers, and probation officers.

🔍 Mastering a government investigation requires a “slow and steady” approach. Prepare daily and don’t delay—once you’re a target, you’re already in the 8th inning, as FBI agent Paul Bertrand advised.

👨‍⚖️ Our team has attended over 1,500 sentencing hearings and interviewed many judges, including Judge Bennett and Judge Bough. They stress the importance of demonstrating worthiness for leniency. Judge Bough said, “If you break my window, don’t just apologize; tell me your plans to fix it.” Judge Pearson advised, “Treat sentencing like a full-time job.” Document your efforts to achieve the desired outcome.

If sentenced, focus on growing your release plan and achieving early release through programs like The First Step Act and RDAP. Our courses teach you to persuade case managers by demonstrating your growth, not just saying, “I want to get home.”

💡 Why are we offering this for just $1? It is likely that people who take our courses will want to go a step deeper and hire our team.

👨‍👩‍👧 One more thing! I recently signed up for an online training program for my daughter and got stuck in a hard-to-cancel monthly plan. Our offer is a one-time fee with no upsells.

📢 Here’s what some of our clients say: 🗣️

🎁 Bonus 1: Copy of Lessons From Prison 📘

An insider’s guide to navigating the prison system and emerging stronger.

🎁 Bonus 2: Private Client Video Explaining How To Effectively Share Timelines With Judges and Case Managers 🎥
This video is not available on YouTube or any public platform. Originally available only to our private clients, this invaluable resource is now included for you.

🎁 Bonus 3: Exclusive Video on How to Avoid Disciplinary Infractions in Prison
Originally available only to our private clients, this invaluable resource is now included for you.

💯 We’re confident you’ll find immense value in our courses. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Text or call me at 📞 818-424-2220 for a refund.

🤝 We guarantee honesty and transparency. While we can’t change the past or predict the future, we know the value of advocacy. We will never ask you to do anything we haven’t done and documented.

I wish you all the success you are prepared to work for.

Justin Paperny
Co-Founder, White Collar Advice and Author of Lessons From Prison and Ethics in Motion ✍️