What does it take to become “extraordinary and compelling?”


Learn how to stand out and qualify for an earlier release from prison and get off supervised release early.

After a judge imposes a sentence, a person transitions from the judicial branch of government to the executive branch of government. The Bureau of Prisons is tasked with carrying out the judge’s order.

  • In what ways will administrators in the Bureau of Prisons see you?
  • How will they classify you?
  • What can you do to qualify for administrative relief?
  • What programs exist that can advance your release date?
  • What plans have you made to qualify for transition to home confinement?

If you don’t know how to follow policies and procedures in the Bureau of Prisons, you may not position yourself for opportunities that can bring you home sooner.

How badly do you want to get home early?
In what ways does your release plan advance your candidacy for early release?

We encourage you to start preparing now.

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