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After my 40 month sentence my family and I were devastated. We looked for answers on Google and were very blessed to find Justin Paperny. His expert guidance got me accepted into RDAP. Bottom line is my 40 MONTH PRISON TERM HAS BEEN REDUCED TO 18 MONTHS. I highly recommend Justin. He is professional, accountable, responsive and committed to helping prisoners reduce their prison sentences and get back to their families ASAP!
Lewis Dean McBride, Leavenworth Prison Camp

Finding Justin was like a sigh of relief after enduring months of emotional pain.
Holli Coulman, Victorville Federal Prison Camp

Before I went to prison Justin told me how I could take a year off my sentence, plus get guaranteed halfway house time by taking RDAP. Most importantly, he advised me on what I needed to do prior to my incarceration to ensure admittance into the program, as well as which camps had the best programs. Finally Justin, put me in touch with former prisoners who’d completed the program. It was extremely valuable to learn from them before I surrendered. That preparation went a long way into getting me into RDAP soon after I self surrendered. With Justin’s help, I have successfully completed RDAP and will release soon, having served exactly half of my 50 month sentence (with reductions for RDAP, RDAP-guaranteed halfway house, and good time). I cannot recommend Justin enough.
Leigh Sprague, Lompoc Federal Prison Camp