Expert Strategies for
Reducing Your Sentence


  1. Understanding Government Investigations
  2. Crafting a Personal Narrative For All Stakeholders
  3. Navigating the Probation Report
  4. Public Speaking as a Tool for Mitigation
  5. Community Education/Mitigation Prison Course
  6. Effective Character Reference Letters
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1: Understanding Government Investigations

Our Role

The more you know about government investigations, the better you can mitigate and get closer to what you want:
A shorter prison sentence
An earlier release from prison
More liberty in the halfway house and supervised release

Risk: None

2: Crafting a Personal Narrative For All Stakeholders

Our Role
We assist you in developing a compelling personal narrative that demonstrates through your efforts why you are worthy of leniency, setting the stage for a reduced sentence.

Risk: An inauthentic narrative full of platitudes and cliches may do more harm than good, coming across as an attempt to excuse or justify your actions. The result will be a longer prison sentence.

3: Navigating the Probation Report

Our Role
We prepare you for interactions with your probation officer to ensure that your report complements your personal narrative and positively influences the probation officer’s sentencing recommendation.
Risk: You offer a different message in your narrative than during the probation interview.

4: Public Speaking as a Tool for Mitigation

Our Role
Engaging in speaking events not only helps your personal growth but also influences young minds. A thank-you letter from a business professor can augment your mitigation efforts. We have lined up events all across the country since 2009.
Risk: A poorly executed message could undermine credibility and hamper mitigation efforts. If you work with our team, we will line up the event and invest the time to prepare you.

5: Community Education/Mitigation Prison Course

We offer a community service-based course to demonstrate your commitment to educating others. We have created courses on sales, real estate, Crypto, leadership, and dozens more. Endorsed by law enforcement agencies and distributed to over 50 state and federal prisons, this course enhances your prospects for leniency. More than 300,000 individuals in custody would benefit from your course as of this writing. This strategy remains effective long after sentencing and is a testament to your ongoing efforts to teach others.
To learn more about our “Mitigation Course”, read this article about our First Step Act-approved program, Preparing For Success After Prison, featured on the Bureau of Prisons’ website and in the Department of Justice’s profile of our work.

Risk: None. You will be helping hundreds of thousands of people in prisons and jails nationwide.

6: Effective Character Reference Letters

Our Role
Our work will help you understand how effective character reference letters can lead to a shorter federal prison sentence.

Risk: Letters enabling your past actions can be counterproductive and lead to longer sentences.

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