Sentencing Narrative Package

Our team at Earning Freedom (“We,” “Us,” “Our”) will collaborate with the client (“You,” “Your”) to write a “sentencing narrative” document for an audience of one—the sentencing judge. Based on our interviews with more than 20 federal judges, we’re confident that the sentencing narrative can positively influence the sentencing judge. We encourage you to watch the following video clip from our interview with Judge Mark Bennett: The sentencing narrative should help the judge learn Your life story, humanizing You in ways that differ from what prosecutors present in a charging instrument or the Probation Officer suggests in the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report.

Scope and Process

We will assign a writer to interview you and draft a preliminary narrative document. You will collaborate with the writer until the sentencing narrative reflects your true story. You will have access to our proprietary digital Sentencing Narrative course to learn more about how a personal sentencing narrative works as part of an effective mitigation strategy that will differentiate you from others. The finished sentencing narrative should span between 2,700 and 3,200 words. We encourage you to use your sentencing narrative as part of your mitigation strategy, preparing You for every stage of the journey. This project requires collaboration. We need Your involvement and active engagement. We consider the product delivered after you accept the work or if we provide the sentencing narrative and you do not respond to us within seven days.

Cancellation policy:

100% refund if customer notifies Company within 24 hours of payment or before commencement of work (whichever occurs first). After 24 hours, or the commencement of work, the fees paid are non-refundable. Send cancellation requests by email with “Cancel Services” in the subject line to: ________________________________________________


We offer assistance and information based on our collective experience as justice-impacted people. We advocate for the use of incentives for all people in federal prison, and you may see how leaders in the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons rely upon our work to improve outcomes of the system: We retain Subject Matter Experts, we research BOP policy, and we regularly review judicial decisions to stay current with mitigation strategies at every stage of the mitigation arc. We encourage you to watch the videos we’ve done with subject matter experts that included: We are not lawyers. We do not offer legal advice. We cannot file motions in any court of law. No member of our company or affiliate representative is authorized to state otherwise. We work with lawyers, and we can recommend a lawyer for you to consider. If you choose to hire a lawyer, you will have a separate engagement and fee with that lawyer. Although we will share what we’ve learned with a lawyer representing you, we will not receive any portion of the fee that you pay to a lawyer. Every individual bears the responsibility to self-advocate and to think proactively. As participants learn from our ongoing commitment to advocacy, successful candidates develop tools, tactics, and resources to advance their prospects for success. No members of our company or any affiliate representatives are authorized to cite statistics and/or claim, guarantee, or promise a specific outcome on any judicial or BOP decision or re-entry matter. Page updated 4/28/2023

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