Earlier this week, Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to lengthy federal prison sentences. Todd received a sentence of 12 years, while Julie received a sentence of seven years. Their convictions date back to June 2022 when they both were found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud. Further, they submitted fraudulent documents to banks to take out loans that funded their excessive lifestyle.

Naturally, their lawyers are doing what lawyers are paid to do. Namely, their lawyer in Atlanta, Bruce Morris, is speaking about their strong appeal and how the trial was “marred by serious and repeated errors, including the government lying to jurors about what taxes the couple paid. Based on these issues, we are optimistic about the road ahead.”

As the legal process plays out Todd and Julie Chrisley should begin preparing for federal prison. Our top 10 self-surrender checklist would help them (or anyone) going to federal prison.

• Step 1: Prepare to Document the Journey
• Step 2: Establish a Primary Point of Contact
• Step 3: Understand Financial Implications
• Step 4: Create Deliberate Reading Lists
• Step 5: Create Journaling and Writing Plan
• Step 6: Prepare Personal Belongings
• Step 7: Understand Medical Preparations
• Step 8: Develop Personal Communication Plan
• Step 9: Create Your Quadrant Guide for Decision Making
• Step 10: Engineer Your Release Plan

My friend, Lee Wallace, invited me to join her YouTube channel @HarvardLawyerLee, to discuss “What Happens Next” for the Chrisleys and their family.

Lee and I hope you find value in our video/podcast.


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