July 19, 2019

“How did you learn about my work?” I asked a doctor who called me yesterday. He was just sentenced to one year and one day in prison for paying kickbacks to marketers.

“I was in my criminal defense attorneys office. On his desk was the most recent issue from the American Bar Association. I read the article they did about you. After I left his office, I googled you. Then I read your book and called you.” he told me.

He continued.

“I told my lawyer I wanted to hire you to prepare me for federal prison.

I told him I wish I knew of your work before sentencing. I was expecting probation–even the government asked for probation. Anyways, my lawyer told me that he could prepare me for prison. What do you think?” he asked me.

“Well, it is in my interest to say your lawyer cannot prepare you for federal prison. But let’s test it. Do you have a pencil?”


“Great. I would ask your lawyer–who wants to charge you $700 an hour to prepare you for prison–the following 11 questions.

  • Where will I serve my sentence?
  • What will the atmosphere be like in the prison where I serve time?
  • What types of programs will be available in prison?
  • What can I do before I go in to qualify for the best programs?
  • How will the First Step Act influence my life in prison?
  • What can I do live productively in prison?
  • How can I manage my business while I’m in prison?
  • How will my day be structured while I serve time?
  • What will happen with my financial affairs while I’m in prison?
  • How will I rebuild my life after I’m released?
  • What can I do to position myself for the highest level of liberty once I get out?

Once you get the answers, call me. Deal?”

“Yes sir,” he said.

The doctor called me today. He hired our company.

Justin Paperny

P.S. Before you hire anyone, including us, ask the right questions and due your due diligence.