Going to federal prison was easier for me because I did it. But what if you did not commit a white collar crime (or any crime) and still plead guilty?

If you fall into this trap, I am sorry. I know from experience a lot of people who end up in the system should not be in the system.

If you took a deal you do not agree with you still have to prepare. If not, you will only be making matters harder for those that love and support you.

In this video, I share how innocent defendants facing time in federal prison can prepare.

Links I reference in video:

1: Dr. Phil Video where I discuss the four crucial sentencing elements: https://youtu.be/Apu5NALUDVc

2: Case studies you can learn from: https://www.whitecollaradvice.com/learn-from-our-case-studies/

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Justin Paperny