Corporate Information

Updated: January 18, 2021

My name is Justin Paperny, and I’m the co-founder of Etika LLC. We are a digital company that provides products and services to help businesses comply with laws and regulations, and we help people overcome challenges. My personal story is available through the timeline link on the website or through Lessons From Prison.

We operate several websites. I conduct for-profit revenue-generating ventures through Etika LLC, a California corporation.

I’m providing this information for anyone that wants background on any of our activities. I will update this document periodically.

For more information, please contact me at I’m also available by phone or text: 818-424-2220.

Etika LLC is registered with the IRS as a Partnership.

  • Federal Tax ID for Etika LLC: 20-2165883
  • California Entity Number: 200621210069 (Registration Date: 7-26-2006)

Agent of Service and Accountant:

Gish Seiden Accountants

Stan Arutti,
21800 Oxnard Street, Suite 850
Woodland Hills CA 91367



  • White Collar Advice


Affiliated Nonprofit entity:

Gish Seiden Accountants
Stan Arutti, CPA
21800 Oxnard Street Suite 850
Woodland Hills CA 91367


Affiliated Websites:


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Mailing address:

  • 32565 Golden Lantern Street, B1026, Dana Point CA 96629


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