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How We Get Results

Before Sentencing

Build mitigation strategies to help your judge understand why you're a worthy candidate for leniency. Prepare early to work toward the best outcomes. Our team can help.

After Sentencing

Advance your candidacy for administrative or judicial relief after your judge imposes the initial sentence. Qualify for programs that bring you home early.

Administrative Relief

Develop an understanding of the Bureau of Prisons. Learn how to qualify for the earliest possible release. Get templates and guidance to help you at every stage ahead.

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Free Case Study: How Joe Achieved A Shorter Federal Prison Sentence.

Some of Our Products to Help You Keep Your Freedom

Government Investigations

Bigger government agencies likely mean more investigations. More investigations mean more criminal charges. Learn how to prepare for the best possible outcome.

Sentencing Preparation

What does a judge want to consider at sentencing? If you don't know how to answer that question, then it's time to learn. Sentencing requires preparation. Start now!

Character Reference Letters

Many people want to help you. They know that you don't belong in prison. Yet they don't know how to write a character-reference letter. Get help for best results!

Release Plans

The lawyer may move on after sentencing, but you cannot. You must build a strategy to position yourself for administrative relief. Start building a release plan.

Post Conviction Remedies

Many complexities follow for people going into the criminal justice system. Most people will not have a lawyer to help them. Learn strategies to help yourself.

Mitigation Strategies

Start a campaign to qualify for early release. If you don't know how to develop resources to qualify you for leniency, start learning and building your strategy.