Our team has been asked a number of questions about the Elizabeth Holmes Trial. The answers to the questions, I think, can help anyone going through the criminal justice system.

In this video, I answer some of the questions and comments we received, including:

1:12 Why would Elizabeth Holmes go to trial?
2:17 How much do you think her defense attorneys are making?
4:07 What is Elizabeth Holmes (or any federal defendant) going through every day?
6:05 How will Elizabeth Holmes make money again?
9:58 Are there any benefits to going through through sentencing and federal prison?
12:20 What will federal prison be like for Ms. Holmes?
15:49 What could Ms. Holmes have done differently?

As you watch this video, I encourage you to examine your own case and actions you are pursuing on a daily basis. Are your choices getting you closer to the outcome you desire?

Thank you for letting our team help educate you on this twisted, warped system.


Justin Paperny