This morning I woke to a text message that read, "WHAT IS THE FASTEST WAY TO LEAVE FEDERAL PRISON?"

Before answering this white collar defendant's text message about leaving federal prison early, I had to get more clarity. After all, a text like that could mean a number of things.

"Good morning," I wrote. "Can you be more specific? Some prisoners leave early through pardons. Some continue cooperating with the government and get their sentence reduced. Others leave early by escaping! The Second Chance Act allows federal prisoners to receive up to one year in the halfway house. Some pursue the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) and quality for up to 24 months off their federal prison sentence. I sense you were referring to RDAP. Am I right?"

"Yes, sorry I was not more clear. I saw your video on the RDAP. I would love to learn more about it. Do you think it's right for me?" he asked.



"There are pros and cons to RDAP. Even though it can help you get out of federal prison early, it is not right for everyone. Certainly, many clients pursue it. Some do not. If I were you, I would invest the time to learn more about RDAP. After you read my free lesson plan, we should have a conversation. Deal?"

"You bet."

"Where should I send your lesson plan on RDAP. There is no charge. I just ask that you read it. After all you cannot leave federal prison early without hard work. This lesson plan on RDAP will help you prepare," I texted him.

Learn How To Leave Federal Prison Up To 24 Months Early Here

Any defendant would be wise to explore avenues to leave federal prison early. One of those avenues could include the Residential Drug Abuse Program. My preparations for RDAP differ slightly than others in my space. I will not get into why in this short blog. What I will do is offer my free course on RDAP to you.

Through this course you will learn how to properly disclose your history of abuse, and how administrators determine if you have an actual problem. I also get into what you cannot say in my video "6 Ways To Get Thrown Out of RDAP."

If you have interest in leaving federal prison early through RDAP, go grab my free course on RDAP HERE.