Third HUGE Benefit to Serving Time In Federal Prison!

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Unsuccessful prisoners spend their days focusing on everything they have lost, rather than expressing gratitude for all that remains. I know I was guilty of this during the first few months of my federal prison sentence.

Rather than focus on the blessings I had, I walked that dusty track in federal prison telling myself:

1: The government ruined my life.
2: My reputation is ruined.
3: I lost my career as a stockbroker and real estate agent.
4: My friends are getting married and building businesses, yet I am here floundering in federal prison.
5: And about 1,000 more things I continually complained about.

In time, with help from mentors and friends, I began to find meaning in the experience. It started with observing and thinking. Rather than obsess over what I lost, I began to think:

1: I am so grateful my federal prison sentence is not longer.
2: My family is so wonderful. They continue to support and stand by me. I must prove worhty of their love.
3: I am just 33 years old. I can re build, I can do it.
4: Wow, prison is giving me a chance to get my health and wellness back in order.
5: I am learning to take a punch for the first time in my life. Rather than continue to cower, I am owning it and learning.

If you read Lessons From Prison, you will get a better sense of why the prison journey was so productive. It really started with gratitude.

Justin Paperny

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