Yesterday, I had the opportunity to discuss the case of Sam Bankman-Fried on Fox News. I shared my insights on the campaign finance charge that was recently dropped due to clerical errors between the US and the Bahamian government, in order to honor his extradition terms.

Despite being one of America’s biggest political donors, Bankman-Fried still faces a long list of financial charges, and a court date is set in October. During the interview, we discussed the implications of these charges and what his team needs to do to help him navigate through these challenging times.

Mr. Fried seems to struggle to understand how his choices, like alleged witness tampering and blaming others, will lead to a very long federal prison sentence. Rather than make it about himself, as Liz Holmes did, he should work to create a new record, get a job and understand the perspective of stakeholders.

As someone who served time in federal prison and experienced the repercussions of poor decisions firsthand, I empathize with Bankman-Fried’s situation. I hope he can get it together here soon.