Facing a White Collar Crime?

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Who Should Schedule a Call with our Team?

Our team helps people that do not belong in the criminal justice system. Authorities should have charged many of those people in civil proceedings, and not criminal proceedings – or possibly not charged them at all. Our work offers insight to non-criminogenic people and offers insight most attorneys lack the ability to deliver. In summary:

If you’re a professional, but you’ve been charged with a crime, you should schedule a call with our team.
If you’re a business person, but you face charges for a white-collar crime, you should schedule a call with our team.
If you’re an elected official, but authorities have targeted you for corruption, you should schedule a call with our team.
If your career is in jeopardy because charges for a white-collar crime threaten your livelihood, then you should schedule a call with our team.
If you think that you’re the target of a civil or criminal investigation, you should schedule a call with our team.

What Will We Cover on your Call?

We’ll get on the phone for about 30 minutes. You can walk us through exactly where you are in the process and the specific goals you are hoping to achieve. At the end of our call, we will tell you specifically what needs to happen for you to achieve your goals.

On the call, we will help you get clear on six items:

  • To prepare mitigation strategies for each stage of the journey;
  • To get a lower sentence,
  • To advance release dates,
  • To accelerate possibilities to develop a career upon release,
  • To restore reputations, and restore confidence.
  • To learn how creating “assets” can change the trajectory of your life.

We’ll talk to you about the crucial things you must do each and every day to prepare for the best possible outcome at each stage of the journey.

Can I Speak to your Current or Past Clients?

Our team has created a case study page you will receive after scheduling your call. That way you can hear directly from our clients in their own words. If you still feel you need to speak with current or past clients, we can organize that on our call.

For now, do what all of our successful clients have done! Schedule a free training session with our team.

Why is our team at White Collar Advice an authority on this subject matter?

I am Justin Paperny, author of Lessons From Prison and Ethics in Motion. I am also the co-founder of the Earning Freedom Corporation, an entity that includes White Collar Advice, Prison Professors, and Compliance Mitigation. I graduated from the University of Southern California, then built a career as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns and UBS. Bad decisions I made led to a government investigation for violating securities law. I became an expert on the subject by making a series of bad decisions, and a series of good decisions.

Since 2008, our team has guided more than 1,000 people through the challenges that accompany government investigation or criminal charges. Clients of White Collar Advice learn proven strategies to go through a government investigation. Our clients learn the importance of preparing an effective mitigation strategy to influence the lowest-possible sentence, and to enhance prospects for liberty at the soonest possible time.

If you work with our team, you will learn clear and proven strategies to restore confidence and to get back on track after a setback from the criminal justice system.

In sum, our clients learn how to succeed after a challenging situation.

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