Free Webinar: Gain Vital Insights to Navigate a Government Investigation Successfully

Dear Friend,

I‘m Justin Paperny, and I’ve been through the confusion and anxiety of a government investigation. I made mistakes I regret, and I don’t want you to follow the same path. That’s why I’ve created this free webinar.

What You’ll Gain from the Webinar:

This webinar is not just boilerplate garbage you can get through a simple Google search; it’s your guide to navigating the complexities of a government investigation, sentencing, and life after prison. After the 29-minute webinar, you will have a clear path moving forward–the only question is, will you follow through? 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Self-Advocacy Before Sentencing: Learn how to demonstrate to a Judge why you are worthy of leniency.
  • Self-Advocacy During and After Prison: Learn how release plans and memorializing the journey leads to an earlier release from prison and more liberty on supervised release. 

Exclusive Bonuses for Attendees:

By joining this free webinar, you’ll access valuable resources:

  1. The Mitigation Arc Platform: A comprehensive system covering essential aspects of navigating government investigations and more.
  2. Interactive Community: Engage in daily mastermind calls hosted by Michael Santos.
  3. Free Copy of Lessons From Prison: A real-world guide.
  4. Course on Personal Character Reference Letters: Tips for a shorter sentence.
  5. Special New Video: “Understanding Your Sentencing Judge’s Perspective”: Insights into the judge’s mindset.
  6. Free Copy of Ethics in Motion E-Book: A guide to avoiding ethical lapses and rebuilding your life.

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I look forward to seeing you in our training. 


Justin Paperny


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