Halfway Houses and Home Confinement

Our weekly webinar featured Jon Gustin, who recently retired as Administrator of the Residential Reentry Management Branch, overseeing all halfway houses and home confinement programs across the country.


During our one-hour webinar, Jon and I covered:

  1. Who determines placement in the halfway house?
  2. Can the warden approve a compassionate release?
  3. Is it possible to bypass the halfway house and go straight to home confinement?
  4. Who will access qualifications for placement in the halfway house?
  5. Discussion on how earned time credits applies to people in the halfway house.
  6. Does the first team meeting count as the first assessment toward earned time credits?
  7. The value of a release plan before, during, and after federal prison.
  8. Why is the probation report so important?
  9. How to respond to staff in a respectful manner. and more!

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Justin Paperny