Jail for DUI?

Learn how to AVOID JAIL TIME for DUI
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If authorities have charged you with a DUI, do you know what steps you can take to avoid jail time?

Your lawyer may represent you in court, but if you want to avoid jail time for a DUI, you’ve got to make sure that you’re ready. The key is in knowing about every step you can take. Your lawyer may know how to look at the facts of the case. He may know how to assess the evidence and speak on your behalf. 

But is your lawyer truly a good listener? Does your lawyer know all of the reasons why it’s not right to send you to jail? In this era of over-incarceration, any person that faces a sentencing hearing should learn more about steps he or she can take to avoid jail—especially for a DUI. 

When considering lawyer fees, court costs, treatment systems, rising insurance rates, and possibly loss of career, costs for a DUI can run into the tens of thousands. For that reason, it makes sense to download our worksheet to determine whether you’re ready to avoid jail time for a DUI. 

Our free, self-directed worksheet will help you understand more about your level of preparedness to avoid jail time. Simply review our ten categories. Then check the response that is most applicable to you.  Review the ten-point scale for each response. 

If you’ve scored 90 or above, you’re as ready as you can be.

If your score amounts to anything less than 90, then it may make sense to contact our team to learn more about steps you can take to avoid jail time for a DUI. 

Click here to download our free worksheet to avoid jail time for a DUI. If you want to talk with one of our sentence-mitigation experts, call Justin at 818-424-2220.