I’m frequently asked about the jobs in federal prison. Questions include:

How much will I earn?

How many hours will I work in a day?

Do I have a choice?

What are the good and bad jobs?

And more, many more…

Regardless of the job you pursue, my advice is that you do your job. Something’s in prison can be outsourced, however, your job is not one of them.

And at times it might look like administrators aren’t watching, but they are. While celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday, I received a call from a distraught wife who told me that her husband had been thrown out of the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP).

What did he do wrong?

It wasn’t anything obvious, like stealing.  It was more nuanced. This prisoner had been warned to not complain about his job, and to show more appreciation for the opportunities being given to him, including the RDAP program. Rather than show humility, as RDAP requires him to do, he complained about this work. He was removed from the program, and will lose the time off.

My biggest priority in prison was preparing for the myriad obstacles that awaited me. Nothing more. For that reason, I aggressively pursued a job that would take me the minimum amount of time, while allowing the maximum amount of time to prepare for my release. But to be clear– I always did my job.

My colleague, Geoff Mousseau and I discuss jobs in federal prison in the video below. Geoff was a lawyer, and was convicted at trial. The case was totally absurd, but Geoff handled it with dignity and class. He was sentenced to 21 months at Lompoc Prison Camp. While there he worked as a clerk. He never complained and worked daily to help other prisoners.

Click Here: Jobs in Federal Prison

I hope you find value in the video.  Also, do not hesitate to throw out some topics you would like to see us cover in our videos.



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