Lesson 14: Early Release From Prison

Course Description:

Every defendant should educate himself on mechanisms that can can lead to an early release from prison. When defendants don’t know what those mechanisms are, they fail to prepare themselves. Those who fail to prepare themselves will not advance the possibility of being released from prison early. This lesson explains the mechanisms that exist for an early release from white collar. It suggests strategies defendants may pursue prior to imprisonment and during imprisonment. To the extent that they adhere to the strategies, they may succeed in negotiating their early release from prison.
Unfortunately, the reality is that our nation’s prison system is designed “to receive.” Defense attorneys provide guidance with regard to legal strategies that include the guilt-and-innocense phase, appeals, and post-conviction opportunities that may include habeas corpus proceedings. Rather than discussing legal strategies, this lesson explains mechanisms or procedures that can lead to an early release from prison through the Executive branch of government. Those options include:

• Good Time Credit
• The Residential Drug Abuse Program
• Compassionate Release by motion of the BOP
• Executive Clemency

Defendants don’t need a lawyer to position themselves for the possibility of an early release from prison using the above-mechanisms. Instead, they must understand everything about the options. Then they must consider their level of commitment to building a record that would position them for the possibility of early release. This lesson on early release from prison will provide the insight they need.

This lesson fuels hope for individuals who are capable of discipline and commitment. Defendants who choose to move beyond past struggles and current predicaments can embark upon this deliberate path toward building a new life. Regardless of whether the strategies described in this lesson succeed in securing an early release from prison, those who work through the lesson will restore their sense of confidence and deliberateness as they begin working toward the future that their decisions create.