Lesson 15: Halfway House And Home Confinement

Course Description:

When a defendant serves time in prison, he wants release to come as quickly as possible. Before he finishes an obligation to the prison system, however, he likely will serve the final portion of his term in a residential reentry center (RRC), known as the halfway house and home confinement. Both halfway house and confinement are a step in the right direction, bringing increasing levels of liberty. Defendants should understand how the halfway house and home confinement system operate in order to position themselves for the soonest possible release date.

Some individuals choose to wait until the end of their term to understand the halfway house and home confinement process. They are so traumatized by the criminal prosecution and reality that they’re going to prison that they seek escape from their miseries by crawling into bed and pulling the cover over the their head.

Weeping about troubles isn’t the course of action we recommend at White Collar Advice. Instead, we urge our clients to launch the same types of proactive strategies they relied upon to achieve success in other areas of their life. They looked into the future and visualized the best possible outcome. They put plans in place to position that would lead to success. Then they executed the plan. Rather than taking a wait-and-see approach, they used all of their God-given intelligence, discipline, and energy to prepare for success.

If you’re the type of individual who has the confidence and discipline to visualize the best possible outcome, to craft a plan that will lead to success, and then to execute the plan, you will want to enroll in our Blueprint Training Program. This lesson on halfway house and home confinement will help you anticipate how you will spend the final portion of your sentence. Make a more intelligent decision with regard to how much time, energy, and resources you want to invest toward positioning yourself for the earliest possible transition from prison to a halfway house and home confinement.