Lesson 7: Bureau of Prisons Security Levels


This lesson on prison security levels teaches defendants more about the prison experience. By learning about security levels, they position themselves to serve the sentence in the least restrictive prison possible in the event of a conviction and prison term.

Prison security levels may not cross the mind of most defendants who face criminal charges for the first time. Their thoughts about prison sometimes fail to take into consideration the conditions of confinement, the different levels of restriction in confinement, and the different levels of liberty in confinement. Prison security levels will have an enormous influence on an individual’s qualify of life during the prison experience. Accordingly, defendants should learn everything there is to know about prison security levels before they are sentenced. Unfortunately, defendants who do not understand prison security levels make decisions during the criminal justice process that can expose them to lengthier terms in prisons of harsh conditions. This lesson on prison security levels provides the insight that defendants need to know, empowering them to make better decisions along the way.

Defendants who lack this information sometimes operate under the misperception that as a consequence of their not having a history of violence or previous incarceration, they will serve their sentence in some type of cushy, club fed environment. In reality, any time away from family is a difficult, regardless of prison conditions. That said, some prisons are much more harsh than others. Some white collar defendants learned that lesson the hard way, because they now serve time in prisons with high tensions and high levels of volatility.

At White Collar Advice, we counsel our clients to understand every aspect of the prison system, including prison security levels. That lesson would have proven invaluable to defendants who failed to appreciate how their decisions during the judicial process could influence where they served their time. This lesson includes examples of defendants who once led careers as bankers, lawyers, and business leaders. Yet their lack of understanding about prison security levels resulted in them exacerbating their troubles. Instead of serving time in minimum-security camps, they’re serving time in the midst of higher-security prisons, where they safety is a daily concern. Defendants should learn about prison security levels so that they can position themselves to serve the sentence in the least restrictive environment possible.