If You Want To Master Prison, Follow This 5 Day Plan. 

Our FREE five day course will ensure you serve your sentence with a plan, purpose, peace of mind and your dignity. 

Justin has proven to be dedicated, proficient and sensitive to my situation. More than just consultations, I have learned lessons that will carry me throughout my life. Justin’s program promoted a successful prison term. I am now thriving after prison in my personal life and career. 

Christian Ounanian

White Collar Advice generated a plan to allow me to be productive inside federal prison. More importantly, he assisted me in developing a plan for my post prison life and the tasks I need to complete to reach my goals. Finally, he eased my fear for my family as I treaded through the federal justice system.

Ken Flaska

Retaining White Collar Advice has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Justin and his team have given me two incredibly important things: a plan and peace of mind!

David Applegate

Justin’s mentoring, tutelage and lessons prepared me for the unthinkable…providing a foundation by which to succeed in federal prison by meeting the challenge with a positive, humbling perspective and a survivor’s drive. 

John Sims