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The Quickest and Easiest Way To Master Your Pre Sentence Interview!

Hundreds of our clients have benefited… Join them! For a limited time download our course on the presentence report.

Michael Santos, Shon Hopwood and I urge all defendants to understand the relevance of the Presentence Investigation Report (PSR).

White collar defendants–and their attorneys–too often fail to appreciate the importance of this document’s influence on the ultimate sentence and on the prisoner’s journey through federal prison.

Our course on the PSR will help you if:

  1. You have not taken any steps to prepare for your presentence interview.
  2. Your defense attorney has not prepared you for the interview, other than advising you to “tell the truth.”
  3. You have no idea how to respond in the event the Probation Officer makes inaccurate statements in the presentence report.
  4. You are concerned about how your PSR will influence your life in federal prison.
  5. You are unsure how the presentence report will impact your life after you have concluded your obligation to the Bureau of Prisons.

My name is Justin Paperny, author of Lessons From Prison & Ethics in Motion. I have been a federal prison consultant since my release from federal prison on August 16, 2009. I am excited to help you better prepare and master the presentence interview.

Since I have been a federal prison consultant I have heard not hundreds–but thousands–of horror stories from white collar defendants who, for one reason or another, failed to prepare for the presentence interview properly.

Frequently those individuals explained how and why their presentence report resulted in them:

  • Being ineligible for participation in programs–like the Residential Drug Abuse Program–that could have led to their early release from federal prison–PAGE 2 OF OUR COURSE
  • Serving time in higher-security prisons than should have been the case–PAGE 3 OF OUR COURSE
  • Having less access to telephone and visiting, thereby making their time in federal prison more difficult for them and their family.
  • Being misclassified in ways that brought additional complications and pressures while they served their federal prison sentence.
  • and more…

The criminal justice deals with the past…and we cannot change the past. 

Experience tells me that defendants must be proactive during their presentence interview to help the Probation Officer understand how and why they will become better than the government’s version of events.


Our course on the presentence report will help you (amongst other things) understand:

  • How writing a personal narrative would help explain, but not excuse, your current circumstances–After you register to receive your free course I will send you a video Michael Santos filmed with Judge Bennett. In this video, Judge Bennett talks about why a defendant should get their narrative into the presentence report. 
  • Why preparing a list of references might corroborate extenuating circumstances that led to your conviction. 
  • Why researching possible alternative sentences might help persuade a Probation Officer to make a different sentencing recommendation.
  • Why taking steps to document your mitigating circumstances might positively influence the Probation Officer and Judge.
  • How ethical and proper disclosure of your history of drinking or drug use can ensure your early release.

This short letter cannot get into every detail of the importance of the presentence report–that is why I am encouraging you to take action now and grab our free course.

Simply register on this page and you will have the course emailed to you in minutes.

If you truly want the best outcome, you must work. I was a lazy white collar defendant who searched for a magic or easy button. I learned the hard way that they did not exist.

Learn from my mistakes. Learn from the thousands of white-collar defendants who have called me since 2009 to tell me how much they regretted not preparing properly for their presentence interview.

Our course will help you, but you must start now…

Lastly, if you have immediate questions or concerns, I’m here to help. Simply schedule a call here or call me at 818-424-2220.

Michael Santos, Shop Hopwood and I hope you find value in our course on How To Master The Presentence Interview.

Thank you,

Justin Paperny

P.S. After you register, I will also send your our new course on how to obtain best in class character reference letters.

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