Publish in Prison

If a person wants to learn how to publish in prison, the person should know the policy statements of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Some people want opportunities to live productively in prison. Writing is a good activity to consider. Rules in the federal Bureau of Prisons encourage people to write. Yet some officers may interfere. For that reason, a person should check out the following policy statement that shows more about how to publish in prison.

Pertinent sections of the policy include:

“An inmate may prepare a manuscript for private use or for publication while in custody without staff approval. The inmate may use only non-work time to prepare a manuscript. … An inmate may mail a manuscript as general correspoondence…. An inmate may not circulate his manuscript within the institution.”

Policy statement 5350.27

I relied upon this policy statement to write more than a dozen manuscripts while I served my sentence. Staff members sometimes questioned me about the writing activities I simply provided them with the policy statement. Then I asked how they interpreted the policy statement.

That question put an end to any harassment

Consistent with our team’s motto of not asking anyone to do anything that we didn’t do, I’ve documented my own story of publishing prison. Anyone can read that story, which is available at the bottom of this website.

We encourage people to use time productively. Publishing may be an activity that interests you.