Reduce Your Federal Prison Sentence

In this video with Dr. Phil, I discuss specific strategies defendants can follow for a shorter federal prison sentence. It’s critical to understand the weight of the pre-sentencing hearing and its impact on your sentence. The narrative set forth by the plea agreement must be counteracted with a personal, introspective account that emphasizes the following four points:

  1. Victim Identification: Recognize and apologize to the victims affected by your actions. Share your plans to make them whole.

  2. Genuine Remorse: Show, through consistent actions, not just through your lawyer’s words, that you understand the consequences of your actions and are committed to making amends: show your progress.

  3. Personal Growth: Articulate what you have learned from the experience, including the pressures you faced, the poor judgments you made, and your resolve not to repeat them.

  4. Assurance of Change: Convince the court of your dedication to a lawful life, demonstrating why you will not be in such a situation again.

Implementing these strategies should lead to a lower federal prison sentence and allow you to move forward without the burden of regret, knowing you’ve done everything possible to prepare for this moment. Judge Benita Pearson emphasizes the importance of exhaustive preparation, suggesting defendants treat sentencing “like a full-time job. “

Justin Paperny

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