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Here’s How We Re-Build Reputations…and Turn Prison Terms Into Golden Opportunities…

How To Restore Your Reputation One Word At A Time!

From: Justin Paperny, Director of &

I’ve been involved in reputation management since I wrote my first blog from prison in October 2008.

Since then I’ve worked with clients like KPMG, Wells Fargo, Mutual of Omaha, New York University, USC, Pre-trial Services, thousands of criminal defendants and hundreds of criminal defense attorneys.

News outlets like NBC News, CNBC, Lifetime, ABC News, and Fox News routinely reach out to me as an authority on ethics, finance and white-collar crime.

…In spite of all that, when I share the strategies I’ve used to rebuild my reputation and achieve my success, many say they could never do what I’ve done.

I think human psychology plays a role in the initial negativity…not to mention there are so many people out there spouting the gospel that as a convicted felon you are essentially worthless and there is nothing you can do about it…all based on their limited experience.

Let me ask you a question:

Do you think any of those businesses, Universities, Government entities, media outlets, lawyers and defendants would have worked with me if I had not restored my reputation?


Not a chance…

Our writers spend on average 20 minutes a day, two days a week repairing their online reputation. It might not sound like a lot, but in time, it adds up to volumes of authentic, unique content.


Here is what some of them have to say…

“Sharing your experience through the prison system is a healthy experience with personal benefits that are hard to fully appreciate until you settle into the reality of prison.”
–Kevin Boardman, Blogger

“Through blogging I am taking back control of my life, my story.”
–Roxanne Jackson, Blogger

“Without my blog, numerous relationships that I value would be lost. My blog has also allowed me to reach out to the people I have hurt in an effort to make amends and rekindle damaged relationships.”
–Kenneth Flaska, Blogger

“Prison boundaries may have confined my body, but through those daily blogs I was sending my thoughts out to the world. That interaction freed me, bringing back a sense of the humanity that prison had a tendency of ripping away. Others were reading my work, and I welcomed that sense of connectivity. I wanted to recommend the strategy to others.”
–Justin Paperny, Author of Lessons From Prison; Blogger

Okay, I cheated a bit, that last comment was from me! That quote came directly from my book, Lessons From Prison.


Are You Sick Of People Judging You Because Of Your Criminal Conviction Or Your Department Of Justice Press Release?

It doesn’t matter if you’re guilty or not, ask anyone with a criminal conviction and they’ll tell you that the internet has destroyed their reputation.

And if you’re not engaged in an active reputation management program…you’re likely feeling the fallout…

Even if you are trying it can be hard to get anyone, let alone a few hundred people to pay attention…


FACT: More Than 90% Of The Thousands Of People Who Reach Out To Our Companies Complain About The Damage Their Criminal or Civil Case Has Done To Their Reputation and the Reputation of Their Family…


And this 90% figure isn’t something we made up…We ask everyone who we work with and track the results.

Again, this is straight from the mouth of people who have been indicated for tax fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, bribery, corruption, mail fraud and on and on…

That’s right…according to our own data, 90% of those who come across our work are devastated at how their reputation has been destroyed…

In fact, nearly half of that 90% say they would rather have their reputation back than all the money they gave to their lawyer!

Your reputation is truly priceless…

How do most defendants manage their reputation?

  • Complain, but take no action…
  • Throw money down the drain by paying public relation firms to write puff pieces to try to push their name up the search engine rankings…
  • Claim releases are untrue, and do nothing else…
  • Lay low, take down their LinkedIn profile, Twitter Page or Facebook page thinking in time it will all pass.




When confronted with danger, an ostrich buries its head in the sand, mistakenly believing that if it blinds itself to danger, the danger will pass it by.

After enduring all aspects of the system, I can assure you the danger will not pass without proper execution and strategic thinking.

Living transparently and showing awareness to the obstacles you’ll face upon release will both empower you to serve your sentence more productively and ensure your success upon release.


We live in a world where info is more easily accessible than ever before.

A simple search into any search engine provides prospective employers, partners, lenders and probation officers, or anyone else, with the government’s narrative of your criminal history.

Rather than think strategically, however, too many believe the garbage being spread on every prison yard…

  • You can’t write a blog from prison…
  • You cannot write a book from prison…
  • Nobody cares what a felon has to say…
  • You cannot line up jobs or grow a mailing list from prison…Come on!!

Those who accept those statements are not our ideal partners because they are non-believers.

Some think rebuilding their reputation is a good idea, but it is too hard…Nothing is harder than coming home unprepared, with no network or opportunities and a damaged reputation.

Some stay stuck in denial or remain so enraged over their case they never get started…

I am not a good writer, I hear too often…Look, you are in prison…the last thing people care about is whether you used the best verb…They want content that describes how you are growing through confinement. THAT’S ALL…



You are used to making good money. But as a result of some bad decisions, you are going to prison. You will lose your career, licenses and money because of your conviction. And thanks to search engines your reputation is in the garbage…



Most likely you will have a probation officer breathing down your neck.

Besides your criminal case, that probation officer will have no evidence or record to judge you by…

He/she won’t know if you worked hard in prison or slept all day…Neither will an employer, a lender, etc, etc…



Look, the people who run prisons don’t care if you spend your days in prison watching The Kardashians, sleeping or complaining.

Their job is to warehouse you, not help prepare you for your release.

Use this reality to your advantage!

—Anthony Robbins

Further, Steve Jobs said, “Good leaders copy ideas, great leaders steal ideas.”

My partner and a long term prisoner, Michael Santos, laid out the road map in prison. He had 26 years invested in mastering this process…He let me steal his ideas…And he has agreed to pass them all along to you…

With Michael’s blessing we condensed his 26 years of knowledge into a program that won’t take you 26 years to master, but only days…This really is the best opportunity I could offer anyone looking to emerge differently than the more than 50% of felons who continue to struggle after their release.

We all have perspectives, experiences and value to offer…Without an active reputation management campaign, however, how will anyone even know?

Honed over 26 years this course will bring your value to the world, and enable you to grow your network, create opportunities, and demonstrate that you are different than your indictment, plea agreement, presentence report or DOJ or SEC press release.

Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.”

Have you seen the employment rate, divorce rate, depression rate, and substance abuse rates of convicted white-collar offenders?

Let history be your guide…Restore your name and change the game…Don’t let your sentence turn out to be a life sentence…

Without an innovative approach to reclaim control of your name, you are doomed…Unless, of course, your reputation means nothing to you. If that is the case you should stop reading and unsubscribe from my mailing list NOW!

The personal blogging profile we create and manage for you will position you to reclaim what 90% of defendants say they value most: A Positive Reputation!!

Can’t be done, you say? Google Michael Santos to read how he built a million dollar portfolio within 2 years of serving a 26-year prison term. That is correct: 26 years.

Was it easy for Michael…Of course, not. Likewise, is it easy for Kevin Boardman, David Bryson, Ken Flaska, David Applegate, Holli Coulman and our other bloggers? Again the answer is no.

What Michael, our bloggers and I recognize is that the obstacles awaiting convicted felons can be incredible to overcome. Without a solid reputation it’s even harder…nearly impossible.

Our program provides the model, the easy to follow, step-by-step system to regain your reputation one day, one word at a time. Sign up NOW and within moments you’ll have instructions, guidelines and best in class guidance on how to create a profile and content that will inspire and awe anyone who reads your work.


Let’s Talk About Your Investment!

Now, if you want Michael’s success or our bloggers success it’s going to cost you and I am not even really referring to money…

This $297 investment ($197 for our first 100 members) in our course (which includes setting up your blog, your own mailing list, your own virtual assistant and more), is less than a month’s commissary shopping.

The $30 monthly cost essentially provides you a full time assistant to manage, edit post and share your blogs.

You will have an authentic SEO (search engine optimization) strategy through organic, quality content we help you deliver.

In fact, you will SAVE money each month because you won’t be spending all day emailing your friends and family at 5 cents a minute…instead they will follow and comment on your blog.

You will have our eyes on every posting to make sure your message aligns with your stated values and goals. For that reason, we will only be inviting up to 200 writers, and the first 100 will get a 33% off the investment in the course…


Why only 200?

We have to limit the number to ensure our writers get the appropriate attention. We cannot spend all day marketing and managing our library of writers. And once we hit 200 it’s closed.

Again, this is not so much about money, but YOUR willingness and desire to be successful and to take back control of your own life.


The Truth Is, I use to offer this course and service for FREE.

That’s how important this is to me…

But when people had nothing invested it was easier to back out, to say “This is hard, Justin. I just need to decompress for a little while. I will get around to it. Let me chill for a bit. My case has been really stressful, you know? Plus my friends said I should not put out anything on the internet.”

Guess what? They never started, ever!

Look, if you are not willing to make a modest financial investment in repairing your reputation, we are not for you.

If, however, you are worried about your future, the way others will perceive you—and you are willing to invest the time–we can help!


What Will Our Program Help You Accomplish?

  • Bring positive influences to the way that staff perceives you in prison.
  • Position you for earlier transition to community confinement.
  • Create a strategy that leads to more liberty when you transition to halfway house.
  • Distinguish yourself in a positive way upon your first encounter with your probation officer.
  • Rely upon your improved reputation to generate more liberty on probation.
  • Use your reputation-management strategy as a tool that leads to your new career upon release.
  • Learn how to blog effectively.
  • Learn to feel free of what previously plagued you—your negative reputation.
  • Grow your own mailing list that YOU own to continue nurturing and growing upon your release.
  • Take back the narrative of your life.
  • Remove the burden and admin work for your family.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to improve your standings in the rankings.
  • Write and produce your blogs into an e-book while you serve your sentence.
  • Restore your sense of pride and dignity through the reputation you build in methodical, deliberate ways.
  • Help thousands of our readers who could benefit from your experience.
  • Learn to tell your story and take back the narrative of your life.
  • And much, much more!

Here’s the deal…

Since learning from Michael Santos in prison, I have spent the majority of my working life helping others prepare for prison and beyond. By my count I have more than 7 years invested in this game.

Too often I get calls from people who have been released. And they are struggling.

Fact: More than 20% of people who reach out to us are home from prison. Nearly all of them regret how they prepared for the journey. They cannot get hired…They cannot tell their story…Their network is shattered… and on and on.

You have a chance to take action and change your end game. But it will not happen by accident.

Rather than panic about your future, let’s get to work and focus on what you can become, rather than some bad decisions others allege you made.

Michael Santos, our bloggers and I are living examples of what can happen when someone commits to changing the narrative.

Consider this: 3 weeks after Michael was released from prison he began teaching at San Francisco State University. Universities across the country use his books, and CEO’s of million dollar businesses proudly align their name with his. And keep in mind Michael accomplished most everything in prison without email..Nothing but a pen and paper.

Email in prison has totally changed the game, IF you know how to use it…

Consider this: The blog that I wrote in prison led to multiple job opportunities, an invitation to lecture at The FBI Academy and the respect from my probation officer who said that I did more than talk about change.


In addition to speaking to thousands of defendants annually, we also talk to their families.

Time and again they are concerned not just about prison, but the fallout after prison. EMBRACE THOSE FACTS AND ACT TODAY!

Can you do this on your own?

Sure if you have a full time staff, SEO experts and people that understand all the nuances of writing from prison…

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt this strategy without having a proven, step-by-step guide to follow.

I mean it…

Don’t Engage In A Reputation Management Strategy Unless You Are Prepared To Model And Embrace The Strategies We Teach…

At and, we’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, we made some mistakes and got burned a few times along the way…

But we learned from it all and now have a finely tuned machine with a process that works and changes the way men and women emerge from a prison sentence.

…and keep in mind we do this stuff for a living!! It is all we do!

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow plans so everyone on our team can work towards your success…

Moreover, you will never be alone.

For a very limited time we are going to offer our reputation management course, including the setup of your blog, your own mailing list, easy to follow strategies and blog templates, for just $297.

Yes…$297 and just $197 for our first 100 bloggers…

Literally, for less than a month’s shopping in the commissary you can have access to a proven system that will help you rebuild your most precious asset…your reputation.

The choice is yours…Choose wisely…Your reputation depends on it…

Talk soon,
Justin Paperny

P.S. – Again, for the first 100 that sign up, we will knock $100 or 33% off the course price, and offer it for just $197. I can assure you this offer goes away once we hit our first 100 writers. We wish to reward those who take action.

Again, benefits of our reputation management course, include…

  • Bring positive influence to the way that staff perceive you in prison.
  • Rely upon your better reputation to position you for earlier transition to community confinement.
  • Create strategy that leads to more liberty when you to transition to halfway house.
  • Distinguish yourself in a positive way upon your first encounter with your probation officer.
  • Rely upon your improved reputation to generate more liberty on probation.
  • Use your reputation-management strategy as a tool that leads to your new career upon release.
  • Learn how to blog effectively.
  • Write and produce your book while you serve your sentence.
  • Restore your sense of pride and dignity through the reputation you build in methodical, deliberate ways.
  • Learn to tell your story and take back the narrative of your life.

Just a handful of readers comments for our bloggers…

“Wow…this was an amazing post. Steve, you have found your voice and you need to keep writing. Love to you, as always.”

“Thank you so much for this awesome post to your blog. It hit me right in the ticker. I’m going through a real rough patch myself right now and I’m looking everywhere for inspiration. Waking up to this post this morning is the most helpful thing I’ve come across, despite my fervent searching. I hope to one day share my story with you and like yours I hope it will have a happy ending.”

“David, Your blog is fantastic. You share deep and meaningful perspectives. “

“Every single blog you have written has been not only an inspiration to me, but also a wake-up call in my own life. You have become a wise teacher and, more than ever, a treasured friend.”

“Thank you for this post. In reading it this morning I felt like I was reading a morning meditation. Your insights and wisdom are shining.”

“Thank you for your insight. You continue to be that little voice whispering in my ear.
I’m sending you hugs and lots of positive energy.”

“Thank you for this blog Charlie. Am looking forward to hearing more.”

“we miss you”

We’re so sure that our Reputation Management Course will help you rebuild your reputation we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason our Reputation Management Course does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

You have nothing to lose and only your reputation to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a blog?
Essentially, a blog is an online journal or diary. It is a golden opportunity to express yourself to the world. A blog is like your own personal website full of great content, photos, and links to subjects that interest you. A blog is the best way to share your thoughts and observations with potentially millions of people. Any one who has access to the internet can access a blog.

For our purposes, your blog is an opportunity to document your journey in a strategy step-by-step fashion. And our team will be there to review, edit and post each blog, and plug in the necessary search engine optimization words that will improve your standing in the search engines and in the eyes of those that view your work.

If you need more theory on the orgins of a blog, then go read a blog post! Our reputation management program is all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible.

Why $297
If you are thinking $297 is way too cheap, then you are right. But there are reasons associated with this price.

1- Going to prison is expensive! Even though the cost to develop our products, website is well into the six figures, we want to make this tool available to all who needs it.

2- We tested it…We asked clients what investment is a no brainer for them. $297 seemed to work the best.

3- We want to work with those who are serious about making a very modest investment in their future.

Why $30 a month?
Imagine having a full time assistant from prison to post get, edit and post your blogs. Then imagine having our expert review the content before publishing. The modest $30 fee helps offset the cost of the blog, but moreover the dedicated team we have to manage your blog and list. Your blogs will be posted on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Our team will send you comments from your readers, insert links and photos.
How long will it take to get access to this course?
Immediate. As soon as you sign up, you will receive the course, and instructions on next steps to set up your blog profile.