How To Create and Deliver The Right Message For Your Pre Sentence Interview & Sentencing Hearing

Are You Afraid Of Your Sentencing Hearing? We Can Help!

Dear my fellow white collar defendant,

If you’re tired of prosecutors, probation officers, and defense attorneys controlling every aspect of your existence, then take action!

Our Preparing For Sentencing Program puts you in the best possible position for a reduced federal prison sentence.

Specifically, our narratives will help you:

✔Express your remorse

✔Identify with your victims

✔Show what you have learned from the experience

✔Show steps you are taking to make things right

✔Offer a thoughtful, actionable plan that shows how you will emerge successfully

✔Help your readers understand and empathize with you as an individual, rather than as a convicted felon

✔Provide credible reason for your probation officer and judge to grant leniency

Our “Preparing for Sentencing” package gives a sense of direction and control to people who are willing to invest the time to prepare for the best outcome.

Inside our program you will find six time tested templates on how to craft effective sentencing narratives. You’ll learn how to present your own first-person story. You’ll learn how to influence the judge to see you as a human being, someone worthy of mercy.


What do sentencing judges want to learn from the defendant?

  • They want to know the full story.
  • They want to know what led the defendant into criminal behavior.
  • They want to know that the defendant is thinking about the victims.
  • They want to know that the defendant is taking steps to make things right.
  • They want evidence to show that the defendant has crafted a plan that will help him emerge successfully, as a reconciled citizen.

Although lawyers can make that case in the third-person, defendants serve themselves well when they create a first-person sentencing narrative

If you don’t take action, expect the prosecutor and probation officer to present a less flattering story.

We also provide templates to help others write the most effective character-reference letters. You will learn how effective character-reference letters assist you in making a case for the lowest possible sentence.

Are You Unsure What You Should Say To The Judge At Your Sentencing?

Our videos and templates on sentencing statements will assist you when you speak before the court on the sentencing hearing.

If you’re not willing to work, then our “Preparing for Sentencing” package isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re open to expert guidance founded on empirical research then contact us today.

For defendants who prefer to use our templates to create their own version, simply click the buy button below. As a bonus for those who invest in our Preparing For Sentencing course, I will include two 45-minute training calls. 

We have no doubt our package of narratives & character reference letters will prove useful for defendants who want to convey IN THEIR OWN WORDS that they are better than their criminal decisions. 

I look forward to speaking with you on our first sentencing narrative training call.


Justin Paperny


P.S. Again, as a bonus, after you invest in our Preparing For Sentencing Program, I will set aside 90 minutes to help guide you on your narrative.

P.S.S. Here are the opening two paragraphs from one of our sample narratives:

“Dear Judge (insert last name):

I write this open letter to you and to all who stand in judgment of me. Guilt from the bad decisions I made traumatizes me, as I know that others suffered because of my recklessness. I knew better than to engage in the crimes I committed. Pleading guilty and accepting responsibility for my wrongs is a first step. Yet I know that I owe so much more than a guilty plea. I’m ashamed to acknowledge that I lacked the good character to make better decisions. For the rest of my life, I’ll work hard to reconcile with society. Still, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t yet figured out how I will restore the losses caused by my bad decisions.

In an effort to show my sincerity, I offer this personal narrative. As you deliberate over the appropriate sentence for my criminal behavior and the losses I caused, I’m hopeful that you will take my entire life into consideration. Embarrassing as it is, I’m writing this narrative in a first step toward my redemption. I know that I must take many more steps to make things right.”

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