In this video I discuss how using social media poorly led to a longer federal prison sentence for a husband and wife.

Their intentions were good, I think. But their shortsightedness and their desire to set the record straight led to problems they did not foresee.

I believe defendants should social media before and after sentencing, presuming the message is correct.

Besides not using social media appropriately, these two defendants did a mediocre job of preparing for sentencing. They knew what to do. In fact, on a call I had with these defendants 11 months ago, they told me they had seen a number of our videos on sentencing, including the video we filmed with Judge Bough and Judge Bennett.

Click here to watch the video with Judge Bough.

Click here to watch the video with Judge Bennett.

I know many defendants sign plea agreements they do not agree with. I did not fully agree with my plea agreement. But we cannot forget what you are trying to achieve: you want the shortest sentence possible. Keep that fact in mind as you prepare for sentencing and as you engage in social media.

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