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8 Questions Every Defendant Should Ask…




  • How will an indictment influence my career and earning capacity?
  • How will an investigation influence my family?
  • How will a government press release impact my reputation?
  • What steps should I take today to prepare for the best sentence possible?
  • What steps should I take today to make a favorable impression at sentencing?
  • How will my life change if I am sentenced to prison?
  • What steps should I take today to ensure I serve my sentence in a federal prison camp?
  • What steps should I take today to restore confidence, establish relevance, and live a life of meaning before, during and after imprisonment?

If you can’t answer these questions, don’t worry. When I was at your stage, neither could I…

Now For Some Good News…



In exchange for an investment of less than $500.00, I am offering you the best gift I could give ever give to anyone trapped in the criminal

justicesystem. I call it The Blueprint Training Program…in a nutshell, this program will dramatically shorten your learning curve, help you serve

theshortest sentence possible, restore your confidence, grow your network, and help you emerge with multiple post-prison opportunities.

By teaching you how to answer each of the eight questions above, White Collar Advice will help ensure your outcome differs than the more

than 50% of people who endure continuing struggles as result of their experience through the criminal justice system.

I will tell you in a moment why I created this program, but first, I have to ask…

Is Your Current Approach Working?

Or are you just “Making It Up”, “Guessing” or “Improvising” as you go along?

What about the “hope, pray and wish” approach?

Or do you have a realistic, measurable, clear-cut plan to advance through this journey successfully?

If you are just “making it up, there is nothing to feel bad about…you’re not alone.

That is what I did for more than 3 years after reading United States of America v Justin Paperny.  

Some days it worked. After getting fired from UBS Financial Services in January 2005, I got by for a while. But as the civil investigation

turnedcriminal, and as my client and business partner cut deals, I realized making it up would not get it done…

When I actually had energy to prepare, I realized all the information on line only told me what to do, but none showed me how to

actually do it. I read I should…

  • Prepare for the Presentence investigation interview? Makes sense… HOW?
  • Generate best in class character reference letters. Great idea…HOW?
  • Properly document any history of substance abuse to qualify for RDAP. Sure, love it…HOW?
  • Write a compelling first narrative to judge. Awesome…How?
  • Grow a business and network from prison…Perfect…How?
  • Rebuild your life from prison. I’m all in…HOW?

The list goes on and on….


In prison, I learned others suffered the same problems and more, such as…

  • Not knowing where to go for quality advice…
  • Their rage stalled their progress…
  • Remaining checked out because they were so scared about the future…
  • They tried to do it all on their own…
  • Investing resources in consultants that had no format or structure…


  • Assuming their lawyers had it all covered…

To Fix These Problems, White Collar Advice Created The Blueprint Program.

To begin, The Blueprint lifts the burden for you. Having been through it, we recognize all of your daily responsibilities. For that reason,

investing in a turnkey, easy to follow program, complete with courses & videos on every aspect of the federal prison system (PSI, RDAP, First

Day In Prison, First Weeks, Halfway House/ Home Confinement, Probation, and more), is a natural and logical choice. If you act now you will

begin preparing within minutes at any time, day or night…

Until now, the methods we teach through The Blueprint were only available to my private clients (with costs that can reach $10,000 or more).

In late 2014, however, I grew tired of the reality that I could not help more people.

Understanding the costs of living in prison, lawyers, lost earnings, and all the other ancillary consequences that accompany an investigation, we had to create an affordable solution to packaging up our ideas, then teach our members HOW TO IMPLEMENT THOSE IDEAS.

For those reasons, we created this membership community for an investment of less than $500.00.

While working with my team, collecting valuable market research from more than 100 current and past clients, we created an interactive

online program membership program most others could only wish for. 

Final Chance

This is your chance to finally own the most treasured collection of content on the federal prison system. Literally, whatever stage of the journey

you are in, we have a course, a lesson plan, video, and a personal consultant to guide you.

Strategic Plans

Only Study Them If You Want To Succeed

How To Videos

Erase the stigma, avoid drama, improve your outcome in total privacy


Checklist, templates, case studies & expert interviews provide the easiest way to learn

Private Coaching

One-on-one time keeps you moving forward


Our sentencing tool reveals the best day to surrender to get up to 6 days off your term

Once we hit 50 members in 2019, we close. Take action now!


The Blueprint replaced fear and panic with knowledge and confidence.
David Applegate

The Blueprint prepared me for the unthinkable – providing a foundation by which to succeed in white collar by meeting the challenge with a positive, humbling perspective and survivor’s drive.
John Sims

Justin’s professionalism, ethics, sincerity and genuine concern for you separate him from any other service.
Brian Jorgenson

It’s tough to find someone who has been there and can prepare you for what’s to come.
Shawne Fowler

After months of research, I found The Blueprint’s solutions to be most the comprehensive and transparent.
Steven Brazile

While the U.S. Government spent millions of dollars training me as a special operations pilot, military strategist, and counter-intelligence specialist, none of my prior experiences prepared me for the challenges I faced upon my conviction of fraud, bribery and violation of the federal acquisition regulations. Justin’s mentoring, tutelage and extensive lessons prepared me for the unthinkable … providing a foundation by which to succeed in white collar by meeting the challenge with a positive, humbling perspective and survivor’s drive.
John Sims

Upon retaining Justin Paperny as my prison consultant I immediately knew I had made the right choice. He prepared me for the road ahead and put together a plan for me to succeed after my release. With his help I have been able to change prison into a positive experience in my life. Not only does he work with you one on one but he will work with your loved ones as well. The comfort he was able to offer my mother was truly a blessing. Times like these can be very hard although with the help of Justin Paperny you too can make prison a productive, positive experience in your life.
Warren Schultz

I found this brilliant man too late or exactly at the right time, because he is very much helping my family and me understand this situation.
Cris Rosenvinge

Lawyer Testimonials

Justin has helped many firm clients facing an uncertain future.
Dmitry Gorin, Criminal Defense Attorney

Justin provides a tremendous resource to my clients.
Mark Werksman, Criminal Defense Attorney

Rather than guessing, wishing, or improvising, you will follow a proven and tested system…


Here’s a quick look at some of the courses waiting for you on the other side:

  • Extensive lesson plan, templates and videos on the Presentence Investigation, on running a business from prison, managing your network, and more.
  • Templates, sample letters and lesson plans on the Residential Drug Abuse Program.
  • Step-by-step details on exactly what to do before you surrender to prison, your first day, weeks and months

…and that is just a few of the 16-plus courses we offer.

Our courses provide the perfect shortcut to mastering the federal prison system… I have such confidence in that statment that I offer your

investment of $497 back to anyone who does not agree or find priceless value in our work.

Again, this is not some static site that we created over a weekend. In every sense of the word this is a private membership that will continue to evolve.

I encourage you to take action now.

As I learned in prison, sometimes “later” becomes “never. Don’t let “later” become ”’tomorrow” and “tomorrow” become “never”.

CLICK the “Buy The Blueprint Now” button below, and let’s get started.

I look forward to speaking with you on our first training call.

Justin Paperny

Once we hit 50 members in 2019, we close. Take action now!

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