Our recent webinar featured our friend, Jon Gustin, who retired as Administrator of the Residential Reentry Management Branch, overseeing all halfway houses and home confinement programs across the country.

During our interview, Jon and I discussed:

  • What options remain for an earlier release from prison now that President Biden ended the CARES Act emergency?
  • Can someone bypass the halfway house and go straight to home confinement?
  • Why are some people allowed to work for themselves in the halfway house while others get denied?
  • Who will access qualifications for placement in the halfway house?
  • Transitioning from prison to the halfway house.
  • The value of a release plan in the halfway house.
  • Discussion on how earned time credits applies to people in the halfway house.
  • Differences between the halfway house/home confinement
  • and more!

Resources covered in our webinar:

To watch the webinar from Thursday, April 13 click here or the image below.


Justin Paperny

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