Fact: Most defendants underestimate what they can do to improve their chances at sentencing. They embrace the “there isn’t anything I can do” mantra and hurt themselves and their family in the process.

At White Collar Advice we help defendants serve the shortest sentence possible in the most favorable institution. We don’t do this by offering worthless guarantees or preying on vulnerable defendants. We succeed, and have the testimonials and case studies to prove it, by following data driven strategies.

There are consequences to not going all in to prepare for the best outcome. I share them in my new video: 10 Ways To Get More Time In Federal Prison.

Some of these ways include:

#1: Committing new crimes

#2: If you plead guilty, are you truly accepting responsibility?

#3: Not working

#4: Continuing to live like a rock star

#5: Avoiding community service

#6: Letting everyone else do the work

#7: Not pursuing the Residential Drug Abuse Program

#8: Not working openly and honestly with your lawyer

#9: If you have the means, not making any restitution payment

#10: Not making a statement or issuing a disastrous statement at your sentencing.

Justin Paperny