April 11, 2016

If you are getting ready to be sentenced in federal court, I would be prepared. To that end, I would use the follow bullet points to access if you are on track.

1- Is your Pre Sentence Report accurate?

2- Do you have the appropriate evidence for RDAP?

3- Does your narrative to the court have any rationalizations?

4- Have you researched the proper prison?

5- Are you prepared incase you get remanded to custody?

6- Are you simply letting your lawyer do all the work?

7- Are you comfortable with your criminal restitution or understand the ramifications of restitution before, during and after prison?

8- Have you considered offering a sentence to counter the government’s recommendation?

9- Do you fully understand the guideline ranges?

10- Are your business affairs in order, and have you learned how to properly manage a business from the inside?

11- Have you set the appropriate tone with your family and network?

The attached video provides greater detail into each of these questions.


Justin Paperny