12 Facts That Surprised Me In Federal Prison

When I surrendered to federal prison in April 2008, I had no idea what to expect. Other than exercising and wanting to learn Spanish, I did not really have any goals.

Well, shortly after surrendering to federal prison, I was pleasantly surprised at the many growth opportunities that existed. A number of things I witnessed on the inside also surprised me. That is the purpose of this video I am sharing with you today!

Things that surprised me in federal prison, amongst others, include:

1: The fact that I could run a business
2: How some people could qualify for early release
3: The laziness and indifference from staff
4: How to build a network
5: How people will seek to keep you down in federal prison
6: Why I did not enjoy visiting in federal prison as much as I thought I would
7: and more!

If you are reading this and have been to federal prison, I would love to know some things that surprised you. Leave a comment and share.

Thank you,

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