Dear Justin,

Over the last nine days, I received the following messages about how to work with defense attorneys.

“Should I be concerned I never received my sentencing memorandum from my defense attorneys. I get sentenced this Friday.”

“Good stuff in videos. You seem to be losing hair. I am screwed. I need a defense attorney. How do I find one?

My defense attorney told me not to bother with a personal narrative since I have a mandatory minimum of 2 years. But can’t the Judge still go higher? I still should prepare to at least get the minimum, right?”

“My defense attorney is mad at me. He won’t share a memo he has written for other clients. He said he is not allowed to. What do I do?”

“I think i am under investigation. I met some defense attorneys who wants a fee of $100K. Retainer says it is non refundable. What does that mean? If this case goes away tomorrow am I out $100K?”

“JP loved analogy you gave in video about T. Woods not waiting until a week before the Masters to start preparing. My attorney told me that it was too early to prepare and I used your analogy. It helped wake him up I think. Hope to hire you soon. Saving up!!”

My intention here is not to be critical of lawyers, but rather to help prepare you, whether you work with us or not. We work with and get referrals from some of the best lawyers in America. And we proudly refer our clients to them. Still, some are confused and unsure how to work with a lawyer. If you fall into that category, spend 17 minutes and 38 seconds watching this video we call, 12 Questions to Ask a Lawyer.

Thank you,


P.S. If you have had a great experience with your defense lawyer, let me know. Perhaps they could help our clients in the future. We send out a lot of referrals. I can assure you the lawyers we refer are not uncomfortable addressing the topics I cover in this video.