Thirteen years ago today I surrendered to federal prison. To memorialize the anniversary, I filmed a video that covers:

  • How you can benefit from mistakes I made early in my term.
  • How you can determine what type of prison job makes the most sense for you.
  • How content I developed in prison with Michael Santos convinced my probation officer to approve my new career as a prison consultant (note he approved my new career the first day I was on federal probation). That did not happen by accident.
  • Why some prisoners are scared to go home from prison.
  • The difference between specific and general goals in prison.
  • What does it mean to think like an underdog?
  • Why it was easier for me to go to go inside?

I packed a lot in this 13 minute video. I hope you find value in it.


Justin Paperny

P.S. Do not waste time in those early months, as I did. You will learn why in this video.