29 Valuable Facts You Should Know About Federal Prison

“I made a mistake, but I am so glad I did,” a student said to me after I completed my 8th lecture in one week at USC.

“What was the mistake?” I asked.

“I know we are required to buy Ethics in Motion for class, but I mistakenly bought Lessons From Prison. Like you said Lessons From Prison was better!”

He continued, “I want you to know I know the people you work with are good people. They deserve second chances. You have totally changed my view of the business world and how I view people who have committed white collar crimes. If I am not diligent, I know I could easily make a bad decision or two as they did.”

29 Valuable Facts You Should Know About Prison

29 Valuable Facts You Should Know About Prison

“It pleases me to know my talk impacted you. I am also impressed you read both books. When I was USC I am not sure I would have read them both, let alone one of them,” it is true, the farthest thing on my mind at USC was federal prison–in fact, I might have slept through my lecture.

“If it is okay, I wrote out like 60 questions about federal prison. I am just curious about it. Can you answer them?” he asked.

“Bud, I am wrecked. I just spoke to my 8th class in three days. How about this? Let me film a video answering your questions about prison. Sound good?”

“Awesome!” he said.

Yesterday, my former business partner, Sam Pompeo, asked me the first 29 questions about federal prison from this business student at USC. Questions, include:

    • What is the prison hustle?
    • What was my best day in prison?
    • What was my worst day in prison?
    • How much did I make in prison?
    • Describe prison in 1 word?
    • Did you see any fights in prison?
    • What are the guards like?
    • What does institutionalized mean?
    • How much do you get paid every month?
    • Can you go to college in federal prison?
    • and more, many more

You can watch 29 Valuable Facts You Should Know About Prison below…

I will share the second part of our video next Monday.



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