Many people involved in government investigations regret the plea agreement they signed. In short, they do not feel the plea agreement is accurate. The result could lead to a longer term in federal prison.

How can we resolve this program?

I cannot guarantee that the problem can totally be resolved, but I know one way to improve it!

Before signing a plea agreement, make sure all stakeholders (defense lawyer, United States Attorney, Probation Officer, Judge) know all details of your life and the alleged offense.


In our experience, it starts with introspection and self-examination. Only through introspection can you understand the details that led you to a government investigation.

I didn’t fully understand why I went to federal prison until I was in federal prison. Had I truly invested the time to introspect before signing my plea agreement, I think I would have had a better outcome. In fact, I got evidence of that when I spoke at The FBI Academy in March 2011 (perhaps I will share that story in another video).

Our team wants you to own your story, with all the good and bad, while you still have an opportunity to influence all stakeholders, including your white-collar defense attorney.

To help you develop your thoughts, I share three reasons I went to federal prison in this video.

After you watch this video please answer each question below:

1: What pressures did you face in business?
2: How did you rationalize those choices?
3: What opportunities did you seize?
4: As of now, what part of the government’s version do you agree AND do not agree with?
5: Ask your lawyer, “Can you describe to me what I did, as you see it?”
6: If you broke the law, why and what was the defining moment you knew you crossed the line?
7: What role did others have in your offense?
8: and hundreds more to ask and answer.

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Thank you,
Justin Paperny