3 Tips For Defendants Facing Sentencing & Federal Prison

I understand the anxiety that accompanies attending federal sentencing. I also know the stress that follows surrendering to federal prison.

One of my goals, of course, is to help you manage your anxiety and stress. That way, you will be more prepared and feel better as you move through the process.

Last week, on September 12, I returned to Dana Perino’s show, The Daily Briefing. It was my third appearance this year on Dana’s show.

Before filming, I pulled out my cheap selfie stick to record the video you are about to see. In this video, I offer 3 tips for defendants facing a sentencing hearing & federal prison.

These tips will help ensure your surrender to federal prison is easier and well planned. What are these tips?

1: If you are sentenced to federal prison, make sure your lawyers asks for a specific prison.

2: If you are sentenced to federal prison, make sure your attorney asks for specific programs, if you are eligible.

3: If you are sentenced to federal prison, make sure you ask for a specific surrender date of your choosing. In my case, I had 60 days to surrender to Taft Federal Prison Camp.

The truth is the time between your sentencing and surrender to prison is difficult. While it fees good to have much needed clarity, I know it is easy to have sleepless nights. You worry about federal prison. You worry about life after prison. I understand it.

One of your goals is to ensure that matters are not made worse. In other words, your journey will be harder if you do not get the prison of your choosing. To be clear, you can thrive in any prison, but still, some prisons are better than others. Further, if you are eligible for early release through RDAP, pursue it. To do so, requires preparations.

Last, but not least, make sure you give plenty of attention to what you want to achieve in prison. Use the time between your sentencing and surrender to form a plan, to work on your business, or learn how to manage your business from federal prison, as many of our clients do.

If you have questions, call or text me at 818-424-2220 or schedule a call here.

I hope you find value in this video and implement at these tips at your sentencing hearing.

Be well,
Justin Paperny