6 Quick Tips To Prepare For A Federal Prison Sentence

When I was on my to serve a federal prison sentence at Taft Federal Prison Camp, my mind was filled with terrifying images from Hollywood films. But soon after I arrived to begin serving my federal prison sentenced I was able to rest easy: While films like Shawshank Redemption and television shows like Orange Is the New Black have gotten a few things right, they are not an accurate representation of the reality that a person in such a circumstance will be facing.

6 Quick Tips To Prepare For A Federal Prison Sentence

6 Quick Tips To Prepare For A Federal Prison Sentence

As I reflect back on my surrender to federal prison there are some things I would have done differently to prepare. During such a trying time, I would recommend that you educate yourself and prepare properly. Here are six important steps to help you prepare mentally, physically and financially for a federal prison sentence. Of course if you have more questions, and wish to speak to my personally, you can schedule a call here.

Become Educated About Federal Prison

Reading about life in a federal prison and talking to an expert would be important first steps to prepare one’s self. Lessons From Prison and Ethics in Motion are definitive guides to life behind bars. You would do well to seek counsel from an expert who has documented their journey through federal prison. Further, there should authentic and verifiable evidence of their success.

Personal Finances

I recommend that you appoint a financial manager to keep your finances in order while you’re away. This could be a spouse, a close friend, a financial manager or an attorney.

Research the Federal Prison

If you have been ordered to self-surrender, I suggest you visit PrisonProfessors.com, locate the prison, read their admission and orientation literature, and learn what is expected. I did not do that. I was too angry about having to serve my federal prison sentence. Rather than prepare, I complained and wasted time.

Resolve Your Medical and Dental Problems

Any necessary surgeries and dental issues should be taken care of before self-surrender. Medical, dental and vision care are available in federal prison, but they are often substandard, slow to respond and should not be relied upon for long-term health.

Begin Exercising Before You Begin Serving Your Federal Prison Sentence

Believe me, federal prisons are not like what you see in prison films. You will not be locked in cages. You will have time to exercise. Too many white collar prisoners get hurt immediately after they surrender. Why? Many go from no exercise to exercising all day. Work your way into exercise. Start before you begin serving your federal prison sentence.

Find Purpose While in Federal Prison

In life, it is of the utmost importance to dedicate one’s self to a noble purpose. In federal prison, it is would be more critical to have a purpose and a goal to aim for while serving time. Learning a new trade or profession, growing stronger (mentally and physically), finding spirituality, discovering philosophy — these are all great purposes to which you can devote yourself. If I were you, I would busy myself with finding a purpose that inspires you and is designed to carry you forward into your life after federal prison.

As you advance into this difficult time, it is critical that you learn to grow stronger mentally, physically and organizationally in order to thrive. I did not prepare before my surrender to prison. I paid a price. Profit from my losses and experience and do better than me.


Justin Paperny

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