November 24, 2018

For transparency, I filmed this video with Learned Jay Hand nearly a month ago. Work, family responsibilities and the Los Angeles fires delayed me from posting this video.

I am pleased to report that Jay is doing incredibly well at Butner Federal Prison Camp. We currently communicate three to four times a week through email.

In this video, 9 Months (INSTEAD OF 31-41) at Butner Federal Prison Camp, you will learn more about Jay’s background and his efforts to prepare both for his federal sentencing and his time in federal prison.

Jay and I have worked together since July 2017. Before hiring our prison consulting team at White Collar Advice, I encouraged Jay to conduct his due diligence.

To that end, I connected him with ten clients. Even though he only spoke with one prison consulting client, I wanted to respect his decision-making process and give him as much time as he needed.

When he gave the go-ahead to begin we got going quickly. For the first three weeks, we spoke each day. I reviewed his work and immediately edited his personal narrative. We then worked to amend his pre sentence report.

This short blog cannot fully describe how much I like and respect Jay. He worked extremely hard, despite the myriad obstacles he faced.

I know our work helped him get a shorter federal prison sentence at Butner Federal Prison Camp. Still, even if he got a guideline sentence of 33-41 months the work would have been extremely productive.

Through his own efforts Jay volunteered, he continued to educate himself (despite a college Degree from Amherst), and he never abandoned his role as a father.

To close, I am proud to have worked with him. As I expected he is doing incredibly well in federal prison. I have no doubt his success will continue after his release.

Justin Paperny

P.S. To watch our video about Jay’s journey that led him to Butner Federal Prison Camp, click here or the image below. – 818-424-2220
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