Yesterday, a lawyer told me, “A release plan is not required. If it is not required, why would Adam write one for a case manager or a probation officer or anyone?”

This is the second time I have heard this in a week.

This was a clear case of someone taking the other side, simply to oppose me.

Rather than saying, “well, we are not required to brush our teeth or shower,” I asked the lawyer and his client, Adam, to watch the interview Michael Santos filmed with Former Chief Probation Officer, Chris Maloney. Adam had already watched the interview–it is part of the reason he inquired about working with our team on a release plan.

Then I politely said to the lawyer, “I hear the cynicism in your voice because you think I want to make a sale. You are correct. I do. He needs our help. Adam is lost, and confused and for some reason, you are assuring him he will benefit from every law possible. Do you think it likely a case manager will wave a magic wand and grant him early release because the allows it? He got 57 months. Who do you think a case manager will empathize with–his victims or Adam? Do you think the case manager will follow the Judges order and try to keep him in prison for as long as possible or release Adam because, as you just said, “he has a family and he has never had a parking ticket?” There is a reason I have never negotiated a plea agreement–I am not a lawyer. In that same vein, I urge you not to dispense prison advice that directly contradicts what he have learned from Chiefs of US Probation, Assistant US Attorneys, Federal District Court Judges, the Retired Director of the Bureau of Prisons, the Retired Administrator that oversaw halfway houses and home confinement programs and Retired prison wardens.”

There was silence for about 20 seconds after I finished speaking. Then, to the lawyer’s credit, he said, “We will watch the interview and report back.”

If you have yet to create your release plan or if you feel it is not required, I encourage you to watch the video with Chris Maloney.

Thank you,
Justin Paperny