Hi Justin,

I’d like to help you understand more about Earned Time Credit (ETC).

In the Bureau of Prisons, Earned Time Credits (ETC) confuse many people. They did not exist before President Trump signed the First Step Act (FSA), in 2018.

Despite more than four years passing since the FSA became law, the BOP only recently published Program Statement 5410.01. That Program Statement, along with the First Step Act, and the Code of Federal Regulations, provides more clarity, helping us understand how people can qualify to earn:

Ten days each month in Earned Time Credits, and
Fifteen days each month in Earned Time Credits.
Since Earned Time Credits are over and above all other incentives in the Bureau of Prisons, it makes sense for people to learn how to understand time credits, and all the other incentives available with the First Step Act.

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Justin Paperny

P.S. With Earned Time Credits, Good Time, and other early release opportunities like the Residential Drug Abuse Program (that can take up to one year off your sentence), people are coming home quicker than ever! For these reasons, we cannot waste time in federal prison.

In my case, I wasted months before I truly started preparing. An “aha” moment hit me when I realized I was running out of time. I talk about it in this video.