I was saddened to hear Sam Bankman-Fried say his useful life is over. Many individuals facing prison share that sentiment, and I certainly did during my own experience.

Navigating through such challenging times requires learning from those who have not only faced but also found success in similar circumstances.

Fortunately, I found invaluable guidance from my mentor, Michael Santos, while incarcerated. I literally sat next to him for 10-12 hours a day in that prison quiet room to learn and grow.

When individuals tell me, “I cannot do it, Justin. Come on, man. The FEDS want (insert sentence length). I cannot do it,” I can offer them a tangible roadmap based on documented experiences of overcoming such hurdles.

Whether that person does the work or not is up to them.

In this CNN video, I discuss how Bankman-Fried can discover meaning in his journey, much like I did.

As I often emphasize, “If Michael can conquer 26 consecutive years in prison, you can overcome (insert sentence length).”

Justin Paperny