Common Probation Violations on Federal Probation

Okay, you made it! You are home from federal prison. You served your federal prison sentence, rebuilt your network, and created your release plan. Good times are coming…

To help ensure you continue moving in the right direction, let’s talk about federal probation and the mistakes you must avoid making on federal probation.

Our team plans to cover this subject in our weekly webinar (every Thursday at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern time).

To help guide the webinar, I will use the bullet points below.

  • Traveling outside the district without permission.
  • Traveled outside the district, then months later PO audited bank statements to see purchases outside of the approved travel area
  • Open bank accounts, LLC, get loans without permission.
  • Hiding income and not filling out probation forms properly.
  • Not turning over or disclosing tax refunds, inheritance, or settlements.
  • Having government learn of assets that were not originally disclosed in the probation report —also selling an asset without permission.
  • Not checking in with your PO as required.
  • Lying about community service when the court ordered.
  • Possession of a firearm—actually a new charge (share story of Dr. iy in Nevada turned in by ex-wife)
  • Harassing victims or saying threatening things online (Martin – Pharma Bro)
  • You need to report to your parole officer within 72 hours of the end of your sentence.
  • You must notify your probation officer within two days of changing addresses (it’s best to mention it in advance, especially if the new address is in a different county which can lead to a change of probation officer).
  • You must get in touch with your probation officer within two days if you or anyone in your household is arrested or questioned by law enforcement (yes, even a minor traffic stop counts).
  • You cannot serve as an informant to law enforcement, without express permission.
  • You must have a job that satisfies your probation officer.
  • You can not drink alcoholic beverages to excess, use illegal drugs or frequent places where others use drugs, and must submit to a drug test when asked by your probation officer.
  • You cannot associate with people who have a criminal record without prior permission from your probation officer (which is particularly challenging because, really, who else have you known besides family, while you were away).
  • You must make a diligent effort to satisfy any fines or restitution orders.
  • If you have any questions ask your probation officer before acting. (i.e. requesting a new passport, opening a safety deposit box, opening new accounts whether a bank, brokerage, or otherwise).

Frequently Asked Questions about Federal Probation

1: Is my spouse responsible for my restitution? Why are they asking for her financial information?
2: How often do I have to file reports to my PO?
3: Can my PO come to my house for an inspection? Will I be subject to random drug testing?
4:. Am I permitted to work for myself while on SR?
5: Can I terminate my Supervised Release early?
5a: If so, what do I need to do to accomplish the early termination?

As you may know, White Collar Advice is a proud supporter of Prison Professors Non-Profit. Recently, Chris Maloney, the Former Head of Federal Probation, offered to support the nonprofit with his expertise about federal probation. In this insightful interview with Michael Santos, they discuss:

  1. How can a person prepare for a better outcome through federal probation?
  2. How does the probation report influence transition to supervised release?
  3. What can a person expect on supervised release?
  4. How does the RDAP program influence probation?
  5. Can someone travel on federal probation?
  6. How do probation officers feel about self-employment?
  7. and more!

Click here to watch the Prison Professor video with Chris Maloney and Michael Santos

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Justin Paperny

P.S. Questions about sentencing, prison or supervised release? Maybe you are curious about The First Step Act and Earned Time Credits. Feel free to schedule a call with our team!